Balloons Blow, Don’t Let Them Go

I love balloons. I still do, but I’m giving them up for good. Here’s why. What goes up must come down. And when all balloons eventually come down - whole, in pieces, with strings still attached… They pollute. Did you know that balloons kill wildlife? How? Read on.

Here are some facts (photos and facts credited to

  • Balloons can travel hundreds of miles. Basically, they can land somewhere we can’t access to clean up.
  • Turtles, birds, whales, dolphins, and fish are known to ingest balloons, blocking their digestive tract leading to starvation.
  • Especially turtles, which confuse pieces for jellyfish.
  • Creatures also get entangled and stuck, leading to starvation.
  • Balloons are not biodegradable, it takes years.
  • Helium is a nonrenewable resource, and is better left for other uses.
  • Several countries and U.S. states already ban the mass release of balloons.

So consider alternatives for your celebrations. If you really must have balloons, keep them indoors!